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1538.36154%. Then we round to the nearest whole number which is. If your 15.3846154 is a percentage and not actually a decimal, we can look to the integer after the decimal point.30, percentage decreased by 30% (percent) of its value = 21 : Dec 29 04:50 UTC (GMT) 15,400, percentage decreased by 8% (percent) of its value = 14,168 The arithmetic average is rounded to the nearest one-tenth of one basis point and ... DECIMALS FF_METHOD DISCLAIMER TIME_FORMAT ns3:FREQ ... 0.12 1/30/2015 2.00 1/27 ... rounded to the nearest hundredth is 0.43. rounded to the nearest thousandth is 0.429. rounded to the nearest ten-thousandth is 0.4286. Convert ˆ to a decimal. Round to the nearest thousandth. ˆ ˆ ˆ 3. 2222 9 29 .0000 ˆ rounded to the nearest thousandth is 3.222. Convert Decimals to Fractions: