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Aug 20, 2014 · The flathead mechanical fuel pump location made it especially prone to vapor lock, so the addition of a electric pump back at the tank was very common back in the day. With quality and range of electrical pumps available today I'd just run the electric pump w/ a filter and regulator inline Home > Lift Pumps > Diesel Electric Fuel Pumps > E-8251 Fuel Pump 12V ... E-8337 Fuel Pump 12V. E8445. E-8845 Fuel Pump 12V. Online parts catalogue. Banjo Bolts & Banjos: Kit includes pump, mounting bracket, dual 12V fuel pump relays and wiring diagram. Features: - Up to 160 gallons per hour (GPH) fuel flow. - Fuel pressure is adjustable from 3 to 15 PSI; with a factory preset pump pressure of 12 PSI. - High flow 1/2-inch NPT inlet and outlet helps increase longevity of the stock CP3 pump.