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Without a complete water test kit, you can not be sure if a Brita water filter will improve the taste of your water at all. They work very well at reducing poor taste due to chlorine in municipal water supplies, but if you truly want your water to be purer, a reverse osmosis drinking water system will remove far more impurities than a Brita filter. The cause of smelly kettle water We contacted scientists Luke Montgomery of Yorkshire Water and Dr Robin Price of Anglian Water. They told us that the chlorine in tap water reacts with phenol-based compounds sometimes found in plastic and rubber parts of the kettle. There aren’t any associated health risks. Brita like pitchers (aside from very expensive zero water) are popular due to ignorance of most consumers as to how water gets purified, what's in it and what these type of companies sell. Brita is best for chlorine ONLY removal. Due to tiny expensive filters and drip type of filtration...