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Cisco Finesse integrates traditional contact center functions into a thin-client desktop. It implements a browser-based desktop through a web 2.0 interface, no client-side installations required. A single, customizable interface or cockpit that offers customer care providers quick and easy access to multiple assets and information sources. Sep 15, 2010 · No offense guys, but one of the main points I wanted to show here is the inherent QoS capabilities built in to the Cisco UCS architecture, with or without Nexus 1000V. Having said that, lets dive into the Nexus 1000V with Design #4 to show its flexible deployment and value in many types of scenarios, Cisco UCS or not. Cisco Public 5 Cisco Finesse Client High-Level Architecture Contact Center Enterprise Cisco Finesse Server VOS All rights reserved. Cisco Public 10 Cisco Finesse Supervisor Queue Statistics Gadget Call Requires Manual Failover to Side B or Load Balancer Cisco Finesse Agent 1 Cisco Finesse...