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Oct 30, 2019 · Call of Duty: Modern Warfare manages to capture the essence of the original Modern Warfare trilogy without being held slave to its more antiquated elements. The result is Infinity Ward's best game ... Just downloaded the new update that has the crossbow locked in the marksman category. The challenge counter is stuck at 1/25 despite getting 5 or more kills with a marksman rifle + reflex sight in a match (several times). This was on different core modes and maps. External link → In Modern Warfare’s current state, many players aren’t happy with feeling like every match is a slow and sweaty battle. Some are going to great lengths to do their own testing to try and beat ... Modern Warfare players, however, are out of luck. But it's tough to enjoy the battle royale now as the game-breaking infinite Stim exploit is back in Warzone again. And with Warzone's finale cutscene teasing Modern Warfare 2, we might not have to wait long until fans get the sequel they deserve.