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Research Methodology Multiple Choice Questions:-1. Which of the following is not an essential element of report writing? a. Research Methodology b. Reference c. Conclusion d. None of these. 2. Testing hypothesis is a _____ a. Inferential statistics b. Descriptive statistics c. Data preparation d. Data analysis. 3. experience has shown the probability that a droid purchased from a Jawa will not be faulty is 0.75 and that each droid purchased is an independent event. (a) Luke needs to buy 6 droids. Find that probability that at least 2 droids will be faulty. 1 - binomialcdf(6,.25,1) = .466 (b) Luke needs to buy 4 droids. Chapter 13: Probability : Chapter 14: Patterns and Motion in Geometry . Chapter 1: Patterns in Mathematics Click on a lesson: Lesson 1: Writing Pattern Rules ...