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The image pulled from the registry is a fully operational image that is ready to run in a container without modification. To run the image, use the podman run command. In this case the –rm option will be specified to indicate that we want to run the image in a container, execute one command and then have the container exit. See full list on opensource.com I want to run a bash file on startup as root. I found instructions on an Ubuntu site to add the command to /etc/rc.local so I added the line. I had already changed crontab to run a backup weekly (that needs to run as root) and it works.One interesting thing with podman is the ability to run as non root. But in fact I can't do a lot of things as simple user and most of the time shall su to achieve my goals. How can I deal with this? Note: SELinux is enforced Example of classic issue: % id uid=1004(gabx) gid=1004(gabx) groups=1004...