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Our unique culture attracts people that are passionate about serving others. We have an ever-present focus on our customers and have come to realize that it’s not only what we do — but who we are — that makes us a different kind of company. Wells Fargo just put this money on hold and refuses either to give it to me or to send it back to my mother. It has been 2 month now and my money is still on hold by Wells Fargo. No clear indication is given by Wells Fargo when they will either release the money or send them back. So they simply stole the money as far as Im concern. Wells Fargo sent Burchfield the required change-of-beneficiary forms with the names of the putative new beneficiaries filled in. Burchfield signed the forms and placed them in an envelope, but did not return them to Wells Fargo before committing suicide. The signed forms were found among Burchfield’s personal papers.